A Rose Bruford College season directed by Steven Dykes, each year ATA in the Rose showcases an ambitious video design. In 2019 our video designer Ben Gittos created a design (programmed by Jay Mayer) which, used live cameras on stage in the hands of actors, generative content and several video surfaces including a large window at the rear of the stage.

With a video team of 3 people I took on multiple roles for the production. 

I shot and edited video content that was pre-recorded some of which was then run through the Notch Blocks created by the rest of the team.

I also managed the live cameras, creating that part of the system, ensuring they were operational during the run and using live controls from a ETC Programming wing to adjust setting such as exposure during performances.

For video editing I used Premier Pro and the live cameras used ranged from canon handhelds to marshal minicams and a go pro

Below is a selection of images from the production, full cast/creatives information can be found here